ILEAD Kicks Off in Somerville!

ILEAD pilot at the Somerville Community Corporation, September 29, 2012

Institute for Leadership in Equity and Development—a project of Action for Regional Equity

ILEAD’s one day interactive workshops support local leaders fighting to make equitable development a reality in their neighborhoods.   The curriculum educates participants on sustainable and equitable development and teaches them how to become advocates for these issues in their communities.  The workshop opens new conversations and builds new relationships.

Module 1: Sustainable and equitable planning and development basics and the importance of regional planning
Module 2: Planning in your town—how does it work?  Who makes planning and development decisions?  What are the steps in the planning and development process?  How can residents in affected communities play a role?  (This module is tailored to each training location.
Module 3: Try it out! Using scenarios, participants build their skills to advocate for equitable development, living wage jobs, affordable housing choices, public transportation, good schools with a quality education, safe and walkable streets, parks,  access to healthy food, or healthcare.

ILEAD was developed with funding from the Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities and the Herman and Frieda L. Miller Foundation.
Action for Regional Equity’s ILEAD Partners