Myosha Walker's testimony to MassPort Board, September 20, 2012

Hello, my name is Myosha Walker. I am a resident of Roxbury. I am a youth advocate.

I come to speak to u today on behalf of Roxbury, but in all fairness, I need u to understand how angry, hurt, and depressive the situation of poor jobs has been to my community

Everywhere around me, I see people who are breaking their backs for jobs which are underpaying them. People are working and still living check to check. We have always been the oil which greased the gears that grind in this country. The people who are now downtrodden should not be discounted.

The town of Roxbury needs to restore itself to its historical reputation, housing artistry, theatre, jazz, and great parks. How can we do this if we don't earn more for our labor?

Our parents need to be home with their families in their neighborhoods. When there is a watchful eye from the community, crime will go down when the village is reinstated. This needs to happen soon, because the streets are always hiring

Regional decisions are deciding the fate of unseen people. I ask you to look within your hearts as people who are established to recognize that we are people to, despite what class we may fit.

I am committed to organizing with many Roxbury residents. We will continue so our collective voice is heard where decisions about us are being made.

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